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Shae Draper - Owner and Director

Shae is the Principle Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist.

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole different body”

- Joseph H. Pilates
Shae's education and 18 years experience as a Therapeutic Exercise and Massage Therapist coupled with more than 20 years of Pilates training offers clients the skills required to assess their specific needs in rehabilitation as well as achieving overall physical fitness goals. She promotes an integrated holistic approach, a balance between manual hands-on therapy and the Pilates Method.

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In 1991, Shae was first introduced to the Pilates Method as means to treat and prevent dance related injuries. She has been fortunate to be taught by many very experienced and expert instructors that represent the wide variety of approaches to the Pilates Method which has been a major contributing factor in her ability to cater to the specific needs of each client.

In 2000, Shae became a faculty member of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Vancouver, BC., as a lecturer for many subjects including Therapeutic Exercise and Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment. In Canada Massage Therapy education is medically based and treatments are funded by Medicare.

Shae worked in Malaysia in 2003 establishing two Pilates Studios and their Teacher Training program.

Before opening her studio in Chatswood, Shae worked as part of the multidisciplinary healthcare team at Align Physiotherapy and Pilates in Randwick for 3 years.

Shae's formal Pilates qualifications include:

Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training, 2005
STOTT International Professional Pilates Certification, 2002
Rehabilitative Pilates - Clinical Applications & Asssessement, 2000
Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Exercise and Massage, 1996
Into the Core: Pilates Ex., the Inner Unit & the Pelvic Floor - Polestar 2010
The Lumbo Pelvic Region: Stability & Function - STOTT Pilates, 2009
Breast Cancer Rehab - STOTT Pilates, 2009
Reformer for Seniors - STOTT Pilates, 2009
Reformer for MEN - STOTT Pilates, 2009
Pilates for Osteoporosis Management - STOTT Pilates, 2009
Knee Stability & Function Rehab - STOTT Pilates, 2009
Continence & Pelvic Floor Workshop - Dr. P Chiarelli, 2008
Polestar Pilates for Treating Women’s Health Issues, 2002
Polestar Pilates for Golfers, 2002
Assisted Stretching for Pilates, 2001
Hyperventilation Assessment and Treatment, 2001
Fascial Mobilization & Release, 1997

Shae is a current member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and is a full Trainer Level 3 Member of the Pilates Method Alliance Australasia.

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Brett Moremon - Instructor



Brett discovered Pilates towards the end of his fifteen-year career as a Chef. He was inspired to become an Instructor after Pilates helped him understand and manage longstanding back troubles gained from years of working in the harsh physical environment of the commercial kitchen.

Brett trained in London with the co-founder of Body Control Pilates, Gordon Thompson, and qualified in March 2004. He has since been awarded his Master Matwork Qualification – achieving Honors at a Classical level in Pilates. In the studio, Brett is also qualified to an Advanced level on the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector, and Intermediate level on the Wunda Chair. He is also trained in pre and post-natal Pilates and works with many mums-to-be in all stages of Pregnancy. Brett worked alongside a Physiotherapy clinic in Edinburgh and has a lot of experience in rehabilitative work.

Brett has a natural empathy toward rehabilitation work, having had to rehabilitate himself after a spinal trauma in 2008, resulting in an emergency decompression surgery. Having to ‘rebuild’ his core from the ground up, Brett has acquired a set of first hand skills for identifying dysfunctions of the core, and the tools to regain proper function and balance. Thanks to Pilates Brett now enjoys anything from Qigong, Canyoning, Parcour and Cycling to Rock Climbing, Hip Hop, Breakin and Contemporary Dance classes.

Brett’s main goal through Pilates is to bring balance back to the body, undoing the tensions and tightness’s created by poor work postures, sports and lifestyle environments, and getting back to our individual, intended, effortless natural posture. ‘I strongly believe that with the right attitude, with the right knowledge, and the willingness to apply what we learn, we can look after our bodies ourselves, to be more aware of our posture and alignment, and to take our strength, flexibility and health into our future.’

Melanie Kay - Instructor

Melanie has danced for as long as she could walk, starting classes at 2 years old. She started professional dance training at the London Studio Centre at 16 years old where she first encountered Pilates. As part of the colleges program Pilates classes were an intregal part of her training. Melanie had a varied dance career, dancing for Robbie Williams and The Osmonds to name a couple of big contracts. Her toughest jobs came in the form of an Irish show dancing twelve shows a week with regular physio and massages and the Paris Can-Can tour. Regular Pilates classes helped her keep injury free during these gruelling contracts.

Melanie started training as a Pilates instructor with Michael King in the UK, initially with matwork then adding studio work in 2010. On arriving in Australia in 2012 she continued further Pilates training with Polestar to increase her knowledge and skill.

As well as continuing to take part in regular mat and studio classes Melanie also does Trapeze, Tissu and Pole classes to vary her routine and add a challenge. She believes she couldn't hang from the ceiling by a rope without Pilates!