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Shae draws on her extensive and international knowledge of the Pilates repertoire to provide a personalized and challenging workout every time.

Having worked personally in the Pilates industry for many years I have had an opportunity to attend different studios and work out with numerous instructors during that time. Shae has shown consistent enthusiasm and provides individual programming to all her clients, which is essential in gaining the most from Pilates. I wish her every success in her future endeavours.

- Maria King
BApp Sc; CertIV Pilates Instruction (Pilates International)

Initial Assessment

Prior to joining any of our Pilates classes one of our fully certified Pilates Practitioners will conduct a comprehensive musculo-skeletal assessment to determining your strengths and weaknesses, assess your posture and record your health history. We use this information to develop a safe and effective Pilates Program that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and goals.

If you have been referred by a health care professional (Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath) we will consult with them to ensure your Pilates program complements your treatments so you can achieve your goals quickly and safely.

The next step...

Private Studio Sessions

Private sessions are essential for teaching the Pilates fundamental movement and alignment principles correctly in relation to your individual needs determined through your initial assessment. A minimum of 4 Private sessions are recommended.

These sessions are a pre-requisite to joining any of the Group Equipment classes if you have had NO previous experience on the Pilates Equipment. These sessions will provide you with the knowledge needed to achieve the most out of your workout in a Group Studio Session or Allegro/Tower classes.

A minimum of one Private Studio session is a pre-requisite to join a Matwork class if you are new to Pilates or if you have any past or present injuries.

Clients who prefer individual attention or those that have special needs such as pre/post natal and injury rehabilitation benefit most from ongoing private sessions.

Join one of our small group classes...

Group Studio Sessions

Max. 3 clients – 1 instructor

These mixed level sessions use a combination of the Pilates equipment and matwork as part of your individually tailored program.

You are closely supervised, guided and advanced through your personalized routine reaping the benefits of the Pilates Method. 

Pilates Matwork - onsite corporate classes only

Email for more information.

Pilates Matwork exercises are an excellent way to increase muscular tone and flexibility, build core abdominal strength and improve postural imbalances. Pilates exercises are performed on the mat using body weight. Sometimes small apparatus such as: foam rollers, Thera-bands, fitness circles and fit-balls are used as support and resistance.

Allegro Reformer and Tower Classes

Excellent if you have a few friends that want to learn together. Courses are progressive and arranged by request only. 

Max. 4 clients – 1 instructor

Clients that are at a similar level of ability are taken through a set order of exercises on either the Reformer or Tower. At Chatswood Pilates Studio we have designed a variety of sequences for each level of difficulty to provide variety and challenge to all your Pilates workouts.

These dynamic flowing classes focus on coordinating the breath with the flow of movement while helping to bring your body into muscular balance as your core stability is being constantly challenged.

Preparing for your session